Last ladies tournament in the old club house


The last ladies’ tournament held in the old club house marked the end of an era as the members prepared to move into their new and modern facility. Excitement and nostalgia filled the air as the women gathered to compete and bid farewell to the familiar surroundings they had called home for so long. The tournament was not just about the games but also about celebrating the memories created within those walls over the years.

As the ladies played their final rounds in the old club house, emotions ran high, knowing that it was the last time they would do so in that particular setting. Laughter and friendly competition mingled with a tinge of sadness as they reminisced about past tournaments, victories, and shared experiences. The camaraderie among the players was palpable, as they cherished the time spent together on and off the course.

After the tournament concluded, the ladies gathered for a farewell reception, sharing stories and toasts to the memories they had created in the old club house. There were speeches honoring the history of the club and acknowledging the significance of the transition to a new chapter. The sense of community and friendship among the members shone brightly, showing that the bond they shared transcended the physical location.

As the sun set on the last ladies’ tournament in the old club house, there was a bittersweet feeling in the air. While they were eager to embrace the new opportunities and amenities of the modern facility, the old club house held a special place in their hearts. The tournament was not